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Frequently Asked Questions

How many users can we have & do you charge for each?
No we don’t & its unlimited.
What DMSs does AccessPoint work with?
AccessPoint works with any DMS that can export a csv file.
Does AccessPoint work with other files besides Service Files?
Yes, AccessPoint will work with any document, including deals, financials & HR files.
Do I need to install any software?
Only for your scanner and we can help you with that if you like. AccessPoint itself is a SAAS (Software as a Service) platform so there is nothing to install, and you can securely access it from your computer’s web browser using your login credentials.
Can I use the scanner I already have?
You can use your own scanner, but we recommend Fujitsu scanners because they are a “production” scanner that has the ability to perform advanced functions (split on barcode, etc.). They also have some inherent synergies that work well with our software. However, AccessPoint is “scanner agnostic” and can accept a pdf from any scanner source.


“DTI allows our business to get rid of the paper and the liability that goes along with it. They also make our finance and service managers more effective due to the speed of access of all our information. In addition to deal jackets and repair orders, we incorporate our human resource and accounts payable departments into the system. DTI allows us to customize their solution for our needs and I don’t know how we could do business without it.”

Rich Breuening

Senior VP & CFO, Ballweg Automotive

“Since implementing AccessPoint into our dealerships, we don’t have to search through cabinets in the file room. This saves time, but it also saves us money and space with no more boxes and storage rooms used for filing. These areas can be freed up for more efficient purposes. The biggest time-saver, though, is when we face Manufacturer audits. They want everything electronically now, and before we would have to scan the paper after spending lots of time just to find it. Now, we find it virtually immediately and can email it direct from AccessPoint.”

Michael "Mac" Glenn

Fixed Operations Director, Ray Skillman Automotive

  • Improve Productivity
  • Reduce the Risks
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction