DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, INC., (DTI), is a provider of enterprise content management solutions. DTI develops offerings that address an end user’s electronic content management needs at the department and enterprise levels. DTI provides solutions that allow our customers to gain new efficiencies and maintain a competitive advantage in their respective industries. We are dedicated to providing document imaging solutions for any size business or organization. We provide organizations with electronic content management solutions that help them streamline their work processes and share information among their employees, business partners, and customers. The idea is not to reinvent business, but rather to streamline current business processes and improve operating efficiencies.

DTI offers an enterprise content management solution that combines the technologies of document imaging, COLD/ERM, and integrated document management into a single web-enabled application. Through a unique pricing model, DTI can supply a reduced paper office solution that organizes a multitude of documents into a single electronic storehouse. It provides extensive flexibility to index, locate and deliver any document to any PC at any time.


  • Non-proprietary system allows interfaces with almost any other system you may have
  • Web based system allows access from any PC at any time based on individual secured rights
  • Unlimited users – No more having to pay for multiple users to access your own documents!
  • It provides extensive flexibility to index, locate, and deliver any document to any PC at any time
  • Access information more easily
  • Facilitate collaboration between departments
  • Gain greater control of your information
  • Streamline business processes

Recognizing that return on investment is an important factor in any decision, we can lower your total cost of ownership while offering a solution that will provide the most dependable, mission-critical technology for your information and service needs.

Our business philosophy is simple. Understand what the client needs. Match deliverables to the client’s expectation. Give the customer consistent, honest and reliable service at a fair and reasonable price that always fits into our customer’s business model.