As a Director of Patient Accounts, there are many challenges in today’s economic climate, and one of them might include prompt or timely payment by insurance companies and/or patients. The inefficiency that exists in these processes is staggering due to the number of computer and non-computer generated documents that must come together from diverse locations and be reconciled before a check can be issued by the insurance company or patient.

Historically, requests for a UB04, itemized bill, copy of an insurance card, information in the admission packet, EOB, or a copy of a check required time and labor-intensive research of paper document files.  Once the target documents were located, there was the additional time and cost of forwarding copies to the person making the request to finalize outstanding payment resolution issues.

Today, a much-improved method is available: converting all documents to a digital format and storing them either on your network, securely on your intranet, or our web server with your own hospital’s look and feel. This exciting service is called DTI ACCESSPoint, and many hospitals just like yours are enjoying the benefits that this process provides.

Our clients are sharing with us that they are seeing improvements in both operational efficiencies and increase in productivity of greater than 30%.

They are able to gain immediate access to all of their documents, and are then able to view them, print them,  or even email them to the patient or insurance company, all right from their desktop.