Wes Bagnell


Wes Bagnell, President and Owner of Digital Technology, Inc., has a passion for simplifying the access of digital data for his clients and developing solutions that provide access for them in the most cost-effective means necessary. He has over 40 years in the technology services industry with many entrepreneurial accomplishments.

Wes graduated from Purdue University with a Major in Industrial Engineering and Computer Science in 1979.  After graduating, in 1980 Wes started working for IBM in Office Product sales.  After an IBM reorganization Wes became part of the National Marketing Division of IBM selling computer systems to small- and medium-sized corporations through the mid 80’s.   In 1986 Wes left the corporate world to pursue other business opportunities.  In the early 1990’s, Wes ventured back into the technology business in Indianapolis taking a sales position with Anacomp.  At Anacomp Wes became a Vice President and supported many aspects of sales, service, and technology throughout his years there for his clients.

In 1995, Wes left Anacomp and in 1996 incorporated Digital Technology.  Digital Technology was born out of the needs Wes saw for his clients and “Digital Technology”, a data to digital format that was both easy and cost-effective for his clients to maintain, retrieve, and view digitally. Digital Technology has evolved under Wes’s leadership throughout the years.  What started as a company that collected data and stored to microfilm, floppy disk, CD-ROM…etc. has grown into a company that maintains and facilitates all imaging solutions for some of the largest Hospitals in the country. Digital Technology, Inc. (DTI)’s, client base has also evolved to include not just Medical but Automotive, Finance, Education, and the Manufacturing verticals to name a few, under Wes’s ownership.   He also had the vision to develop DTI’s flagship product ACCESSPoint.  This is a web-based software solution that allows all DTI’s clients to Upload, Index, and Search on any type of digital file.  ACCESSPoint is now undergoing its 6th revision, in its 25+ year history, all under Wes’s careful and diligent vision for his clients and their needs for easy and secure access to their digital data.

Penny Pruett

Chief Operating Officer (COO)

Penny Pruett came to DTI with over 25 years of providing excellence in administration. Her experience with accounting and technology made her an indispensable member of the team. Penny received her BA in Telecommunications at IU after moving from California and after graduation, worked in a variety of industries, building up her reputation for excellence.

As it became clear that Penny was more than an Administrator, she was promoted to Chief Administrative Officer (CAO) to manage the day-to-day administration including accounting and internal processes. Penny then began managing the day-to-day operations in our Production and Technology department and was promoted to Chief Operating Officer. As COO, Penny continues to provide strategic support to the President and continues day-to-day operation and supervision of the Production and Technology department.

Sheila Yates

Director of Business Operations

Sheila Yates has been in the information management and technology field for over 30 years. She started in the microfilm information management stage of the industry and moved into the content management imaging technology field as the industry evolved.

Sheila has climbed from daily production work, to supervisor, and then went into Sales and Marketing for DTI.  Sheila is now the Director of Business Operations for DTI.  She is responsible for all daily functions in our Facility Management (FM) sites, as well as the expansion of business through Sales and Marketing.  DTI’s Facility Management program, which Sheila heads, is a program devoted to the coordination of space, infrastructure, and people for DTI’s hospital clients.  Sheila is not only responsible for our operations at three of the largest hospitals in the State of Indiana, but for one of the second largest hospitals in the country.  She oversees all aspects of employment, scheduling, and production at DTI’s FMs.  Sheila works closely with the FM clients to oversee all aspects of hardware and software maintenance within the facilities.