Digital Technology, Inc. offers document imaging and management solutions for human resource departments and staffing organizations worldwide.


  • Centralize Your Applicant eFolder – Create a secure and instantly accessible repository for incoming resumes, applications, letters of reference, drug screening results, and all other recruitment-related documents.
  • Hire the Best Candidates – Electronically manage applicant material so your hiring team can quickly select the best candidate and extend an offer.
  • Automatically Capture Inbound Faxes & E-mails – Automatically capture inbound applicant materials sent via fax and e-mail and link them to records in your hiring software.


  • Eliminate the Paper Chase – Bind receipts faxed and e-mailed by employees to their respective transactions in your AP software.
  • Protect Corporate Records – Secure eFolders bind receipts directly to records in your software and minimize the potential for lost, misplaced, destroyed, or orphaned receipts.
  • Improve Employee Accountability – Reallocate the expense/receipt matching responsibility to submitting employees.
  • Speed Reimbursement Process – Supporting receipts can be reviewed in a timely fashion.
  • Enhance Expense Control and Regulatory Compliance – Readily audit employee expenses against images of receipts and provide backup to auditors and regulatory bodies.


  • Centralize All Benefits Paperwork – Single-click retrieval lets your staff  instantly view images of Flex plan claims & associated receipts, W-4 forms, I-9s, 401(k) elections, vacation requests, insurance form updates, and new benefit elections.
  • Speed Activation Process—Instantly reconcile benefit elections against employee eligibility.


  • Rapidly Resolve Employee Payroll Concerns -Instantly reconcile issued paychecks against records in your software to promptly resolve discrepancies.
  • Improve Service – Single-click image retrieval lets your staff  see where in workflow documents are and respond immediately to employee inquiries.
  • Ensure Employee Privacy—Eliminate multiple paper copies of personnel records, ensuring that sensitive content remains private.