“We received a full-blown imaging system with outstanding customer service support, and we were up and running within 45 days – with no impact on our IT operations or our budget. We had an increase in cash flow of $9 million the first year, as well as estimated 30% increase in both operation efficiencies and productivity. We now have an immediate online access to our patient information, with the ability to print, fax or email from our desks. The returns on this system have been incredible.”

STEVEN HOVAN, Executive Director University of Tennessee Medical Center

“Trinity Health Business Services has gained so many efficiencies with the use of DTI Access Point.  We are able to assist our   customers/patients more effectively by having the info at our finger tips rather than tracking down a paper copy somewhere in a file     cabinet. Business Services has also been able to share documents within our facility instead of routing this paperwork or waste of additional paper copies being made.The Customer Services given to Trinity Health by DTI Staff no matter the department over the past 3 years has been OUTSTANDING!  Promises made, Promises kept.”

RHONDA JOHNSON, Business Services Director Trinity Medical Group – Minot, North Dakota

“DTI allows our business to get rid of the paper and the liability that goes along with it. They also make our finance and service managers more effective due to the speed of access of all our information. In addition to deal jackets and repair orders, we incorporate our human resource and accounts payable departments into the system. DTI allows us to customize their solution for our needs and I don’t know how we could do business without it.”

RICH BREUNING, Senior VP & CFO Ballweg Automotive Family