on the tightest BUDGET


For government sectors on the federal, state, and local levels, there is increasing pressure to manage immeasurable volumes of paper and information. With new information being generated daily and adding to the already vast information knowledge base, each are demanding and expect high levels of sophisticated information access and service to deliver information to their constituencies.

Governments, faced with the need to provide timely access to information at low costs, must identify the right technologies and best business practices to deliver and manage better services now and into the future. As an experienced vendor in the government sector, DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY INC., (DTI) can help your organization manage document retention timelines and provide timely access to personnel records, correspondence, registrations, regulatory compliance forms, business process manuals, and citizen records.

For DTI, we can help to deliver critical public services by reducing bottlenecks, improving delivery, and cutting administrative overhead. Services include:

  • Operational Processes
  • Case Management
  • Permitting
  • Agenda Management
  • FOIA Requests

There are also solutions for helping to increase transparency with digital public records, making vital public information more easily accessible, including:

  • Expedite document search and retrieval with instant access to records.
  • Providing public access to agendas, permits, and other documents with Section 508-compliant web portals.
  • Speed response times to permit requests and other applications with customizable electronic forms.
  • Enable council members, case workers, public works employees, law enforcement and others to view and submit the most up-to-date files on mobile devices.

We can also create shared services to help meet the needs of individual departments while streamlining IT administration, such as:

  • Eliminating the need for individual groups to maintain different document management systems.
  • Share documents between departments while protection important confidential information.
  • Integrate with GIS, ERP, state databases, and other core systems.

More importantly, your information is secure. Our records management solutions help to centralize the lifecycle of all government records:

  • Automatically create retention schedules and records structures for all document types.
  • Provide one view of record structures for clerks and managers, and simplify for other staff members.
  • Encore policies regardless of format, location, or content.
  • Log all system activity and use granular security rights to demonstrate compliance at all times.