AT DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, INC., (DTI), we understand the need for organizations to be able to track, retrieve, and manage current and accurate patient and staff information in order to make it available to customers, vendors, health care providers, and regulatory agencies at the touch of a button. As such, we’ve created solutions aimed specifically towards those in the health information management business.

With DTI’s document management solutions, we can supply you with the technology needed to manage medical files, making crucial information available to all those who may need access, wherever they are and at any time of the day. Such advancements will help enable employees to be more productive, and make records more that much more manageable, while providing significant cost savings and streamlining workflow processes. By facilitating immediate access to medical records, health care professionals can enhance patient experience, improve services, and eliminate inefficiencies associated with lost or misplaced files.

For multiple-location practices, many patients want to see their personal doctor, no matter where they are on a given day. As a result, patient charts have to be transferred and faxed between the various locations daily. For walk-ins and other unscheduled visits, this means patients are often seen without their charts, as they are typically located in one of the other offices.

DTI eliminates the need to transfer charts from one location to another, since the chart is available electronically, over the internet, with appropriate security.