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When it comes to manufacturing and distributing, efficient control of your supply chain is an absolute necessity in today’s competitive marketplace.

Some of the biggest challenges you’ll face include prompt payment by customers and having all of the necessary documentation in place to pay your suppliers on time. The inefficiency that exists in these processes is staggering due to the number of computer and non-computer generated documents that must come together from diverse locations and be reconciled before a check can be issued by the customer or to a supplier.

Thankfully, there are a number of innovation solutions on the market today that can help customers manage a wide range of business processes. From human resources and accounting to planning and procurement, numerous technologies are permitting enterprises to automate several labor-intensive operational processes.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY, INC. (DTI’s) can help with any challenges that may stand in your way. Our document management infrastructure enables manufacturer and/or distributors to manage information and business processes electronically, improving their customer service response times and reducing labor costs – all of which have dramatic effects on your bottom line.

Varied information intensive processes and applications such as receivables, payables, invoicing, sales reporting, shipping, purchasing, and payroll can be easily managed within a single knowledge repository making information available to suppliers, customers, and staff  when and where they need it.