DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY INC., (DTI) ACCESSPoint was created to help mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders save time and money, and streamline their processes by digitizing paper loan documents.

An integral step is converting paper documents into electronic format. With the new MISMO standards evolving for the creation of electronic documents and SMART documents, the lending industry is moving towards a paperless environment. So how do mortgage lenders enable the paperless loan process today?

DTI allows lenders to scan, fax, e-mail, or file-import loan documents into this secure, web-based hosted system. With a customized, user-friendly, web-based interface, the lender is able to create a Virtual Loan (V-Loan) Folder and assign important index values such as a Loan Number, Borrower Name, or Property Address, etc. From there, you can categorize each document by type (e.g., 1003, Appraisal, Credit Report). The V-Loan folder is then instantly available to users who have privileges to work with the loan documents. Underwriters have one point of access to review the borrower information and documents to determine risk.

For Post-Closing, loan documents can be scanned, faxed, e-mailed, or uploaded to DTI for auditing purposes. Loan documents that have been audited are then archived into our storage system for immediate access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.