From award of listing to completion of sale, the need to manage a variety of documents is of utmost importance.

Not surprisingly, real estate organizations generate an excess of paper and are always faced with the challenge of managing the volumes of documentation necessary to see a seller through to closing. Beyond that, multiple information repositories, lost folders, and decentralized business processes can result in deficiencies in reconciling discrepancies and customer service response times.

Documents such as listing agreements, MLS documents, sellers disclosures, and many others need to be archived and readily accessible so agents and other organization staff can access them within a moment’s notice quickly and efficiently, and this is where DTI comes in.

DIGITAL TECHNOLOGY INC., (DTI) provides anyone within the real estate industry an online system that can easily convert your paper documents into digital online images in PDF format. Our system also allows secured documents to be easily accessed online wherever you are, enabling the broker to provide access to agents and their clients based upon secured login rights.  DTI provides convenient access to documents during the transaction as well as after closing.